Major Systems and Components

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Engine – Rough idling or poor performance may indicate a need for minor repairs only. Abnormal noises or smoke could be a sign of worn or damaged engine parts. Active fluid leaks or broken motor mounts left unrepaired can lead to more costly future repairs. Minor oil leaks are common on older vehicles, but any leak should be inspected and diagnosed.

Transmission – If your transmission or clutch is slow to engage or shifts roughly, this generally indicates worn parts that may require repair or replacement. Fluid leaks may lead to premature transmission failure. Broken transmission mounts can damage other components including drive shafts and exhaust systems.

Steering System – Steering that is loose or binding indicates worn parts that can cause poor alignment and premature tire wear. Cracked or broken grease boots can cause premature part failure.

Starting System – Slow cranking, hard starting or noisy starter operation can indicate future problems that may leave you stranded down the road.

Interior/Exterior Lighting – Adequate lighting is a safety concern outside and inside your vehicle. Inoperative turn signals or brake lights are potential traffic hazards. Multiple burned-out bulbs may indicate an underlying electrical problem.

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