Electronic Diagnosis

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Modern day vehicles rely on more sophisticated mechanical, electric and computer systems than you may think. Emission systems help keep our environment as clean as possible. Braking systems prevent uncontrolled skidding. These and other computer systems are very complex and often difficult and expensive to repair.

That’s why it’s vital to have a team of technicians that understand your vehicle’s specific systems, and have the correct tools to diagnose the problem. This way, your car is repaired correctly, the first time.

At Eurasian Autoworks, we perform comprehensive diagnosis services on most makes and models.  We maintain the specialty diagnosis tools for Saab, Volvo, VW, Audi and BMW cars. Each year we update these tools and software (at a significant cost) to ensure that we provide you with the correct answers as to why your car is not performing up to factory specifications.

Q: My neighbor connected his handheld scan tool to my Saab and found a PO133 code stored in the on board diagnostic computer, does this mean I need to replace an oxygen sensor in the exhaust system?
A: While it is true that code PO133 indicates a problem with an oxygen sensor, it does not necessarily mean the oxygen sensor itself has failed and needs to be replaced. In fact, the oxygen sensor may not be broken at all. Often, these diagnostic codes just provide the technician with a starting point to look for the problem. In some cases, while the code points to a faulty oxygen sensor it may be a component that the oxygen sensor communicates with that is the problem. Trying to troubleshoot from just a “code” can lead to the replacement of perfectly good parts.

At Eurasian Autoworks, we find the problem and fix it – the right way. We serve Tilton, Belmont, Franklin, and Laconia, NH


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