Drowsy Driving and Fatigue

“The service as always was great. I always have a feeling of confidence that when we take our cars in they will be properly be taken care of.”

Drowsiness and fatigue can impair drivers in much the same way as drugs and alcohol: Reaction times slow and judgment becomes questionable. And, as is the case with drugs or alcohol, the results can be fatal. While it seems like common sense, many accidents can be avoided if people just pay attention to these symptoms: Yawning, dry eyes, blurred vision or closing eyes, lane drifting, lack of mental focus, impatience, or head nodding.

If you experience these symptoms, don’t rely on stimulants such as caffeine to remedy the situation. Just get off the road, and find a safe place to get the rest you need.

Here are some simple strategies to help avoid driver fatigue:

  • Share the driving
  • Stop every few hours to stretch and get a bite to eat
  • Keep the car’s interior cool
  • Practice good posture behind the wheel, which helps keep you alert

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